Bamboo ink – Can You Really Make A Full Time Income With Bamboo Pink?

BambooPink is a new company that has a great business model for the girl who has a passion for jewellery and let’s face it, what girl doesn’t have a passion for jewellery?

Bamboo ink - Can You Really Make A Full Time Income With Bamboo Pink?

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So this company has a great customer base and product line to position them in front of this very lucrative target market but is the BambooPink business model enough for an average person to create a full-time income or even end up being able to buy that dream car or house?

Well there are 11 ways you can earn income with the BambooPink business model which includes a healthy compensation plan so if you joined and became a fashion consultant there really is every chance that you can earn a full time income.

Let’s take a look at what you need to do in order to start earning commissions from BambooPink. Once you become a fashion consultant it is time to get selling the products and recruiting new fashion consultants so the main thing you need is interested people to talk to about your new fashion products and business opportunity.

If you have a large social circle that loves jewellery then you will have a great chance of making some income with the BambooPink business model but what do you do when you have spoken to everyone you know about your products and business opportunity? Where would you business go from there? What about the person who doesn’t have a large social circle but still wants to start her own BambooPink business, is it still possible?

This will be the main speed bump that you will encounter in your BambooPink business but there is a solution and it is even easier than trying to sell your friends and family on your product and business opportunity.

The solution to this problem is to take your business online and there really are a ton of ways to do this but my most highest recommendation would be to start your own blog about fashion and jewellery, if you aren’t familiar with blogging and unsure on what success you can have then you will be surprised at how many people read and interact on blogs.

Once you have a blog you take one step further and start capturing peoples details like name, email and phone number right off your blog and you do this by adding a opt in form on your blog.

Once you start driving enough traffic to your blog you will start to generate enough leads to keep you busy all day long and these leads are highly targeted because they have opted in to your blog about fashion/jewellery and these people are asking for more information so all you need to do is contact them and sell your BambooPink products or bring them into your business.

This is only one online marketing strategy that you can use to create a full time income with BambooPink and there are so many more options but I like blogging and I think it would be a great fit for a BambooPink business.

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