Coping With Life Issues With an Online Business

Coping With Life Issues With an Online Business

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Several years ago, my wife and I were working insane hours in the retail industry. We had two children which we barely saw while our nanny looked after them and practically raised them. My wife heard an ad on the radio for a work from home business and decided to check it out. After speaking with her business coach, she talked it over with me and she started into this new venture. I was not for it myself as I wrote a paper on MLM style businesses in college (which I got a very high mark on) and my findings were, given the times and state of the economy, that these businesses would not last and that most only were after your money. Let’s just say that time changes things, as it didn’t take long before both of us were working from home as this business replaced both of our incomes.

I am sure you have heard all this before, right. Well here is where things are different. Within the first year in business, my mother in law passed away. As an only child my wife was a mess, and as I was not yet out of my job, I figured the business would fall apart and we would lose everything she built up. Was I ever wrong! Our coach stepped in and took over her business for the most part and kept it running while she was not able to. Something that I never figured would happen in the world of MLM. We came back in where she left off and kept on going. Over the next couple years, along came child three and four as well as a major family relocation to be closer to my father in law. With this business, we were able to keep going without missing a beat working around all the kids.

Sounds like a lot for us to go through right, well that is not it. Last July, it seemed like our lives were falling apart as our youngest daughter was diagnosed with leukemia – a childhood cancer. I used to think because I had kids I could image what it was like for the parents, but was I ever wrong as it is ten times worse than I thought. Working our business was the farthest thing from our minds, so you would think it would fall apart. Well without so much of a thought, our coach and other friends (sidelines) who are in the business but do not have any financial gain from helping us, took over everything. What other business would allow you to completely remove yourself for a month and not only come back to where you left off, but to earn money and move forward as well. Far beyond this, the people we work with found a condo (at no cost to us) close to where the Childrens Hospital was so we could stay while our daughter was not in the hospital, and gave us time to figure out what we were going to do. Since these people we work with (that are more like family then business associates) live close to where we needed to be, they also gave us personal support. I can keep going with the list of what these people have done for us “just because”, however I am sure you get the idea by now.

There is a bad image of people in the MLM field, and I am seeing a lot more concerning the system I am involved with. The attitude of “all for me” dealing with multi-level marketers is not always true. All the people I have met through Online Business Systems are incredible and I am privileged to know them. I thank God every day for these people and this great opportunity.

As for the awesome company we are affiliated with, Herbalife International, I cannot say enough about them as well. At first the products aided in our weight loss and a few other health issues. Our kids have always been on them as well, so when our daughter was asking for them, we spoke with the doctors and ask if there was anything in the products that she could not take. Since the answer was no, we continued as normal – a shake in the morning, aloe drink 2-3 times a day for internal issues, and H3O for hydration. You can check out the products using the link below. The doctors are astonished that she has not had the usual side effects from the medications, steroids, lumbar punctures and marrow tests. She has more energy than the other kids, has had very few issues with nausea or constipation that they say always accompanies the chemo, and has never had an issue with getting her hydration levels up for certain treatments she is on. We are amazed as are the doctors. In keeping with all rules and regs, I need to mention that these results are not typical and should not expect the same in a similar situation. Saying this though, I honestly believe in these products and with the results we as a family have, highly recommend these products to all the other families in the cancer clinic as well as our family; and not because it is my business, but for the health and welfare of those around me.

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