Social Networking For MLM – Brand Yourself As a Professional and a Leader

Social Networking For MLM – Brand Yourself As a Professional and a Leader

Social Networking For MLM - Brand Yourself As a Professional and a Leader

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Social media is quickly becoming the medium of choice for getting the word out that you are in business. Advertising has changed over the last two decades. Sure the big advertising giants are still around but with the advent of social media marketing a product has become a horse of a different color. The generation X’ers and the ones to follow are spending more time on the web than in front of televisions. They are twittering and Facebooking and playing online games. In order to get their attention you have to be visible where they are.

Social media marketing is the answer to this online business dilemma. Facebook offers a unique opportunity to find an almost limitless supply of new prospects to pitch your MLM to. The first step is to for you to become a trusted “brand” yourself. Here are a few tips to help you get the ball rolling.

1. Compile a list of network marketing companies. You will want a list of over 500 hundred. They already have business what you will do is help them build their business and help yourself start your own. Add to this list others that are actively seeking business opportunities. Look for face book groups with titles that are about business or working from home.

2. Join as many of these groups as possible. That is to say make a list of these groups and systematically join as many as 5 a day. Go slowly and deliberately space out the joining of the groups in different day parts.

3. When you make you initial “first contact” post be very careful that you do not come off like a used car sales person you are here to ingratiate yourself into the inner circle. Do not mention your MLM at all at first. At this stage it is important that you have your own web site apart from the MLM. Direct all messages and what not to your personal web address.

4. Start sending friend request to group members. Do 10 or 20 a day and keep it as brief as possible. Just explain that you are in the industry and would like friends that are too. This could get to be time consuming so you use the list create to make a list make certain it is dated to keep track of who was added when and this will come in handy for resends. You can copy and paste the message to the clipboard and Use the message function to send them out.

5. Create your own group. Make it a source group you want to be the one answering the questions’ become the go to guy. If someone in the group needs an answer and its something you don’t know then find the answer. This will establish your expertise.

6. Send invites to 250-300 of the new friends repeat each time your new friends reach that level.

7. Make sure you have the answers for them. Set yourself up as a guru of sorts. This will be work and if you are any good at research it will get easier over time.

8. Now is the time to get down to the real business at hand. Send your friends messages introducing yourself and your business opportunity. You can call yourself or coach or mentor or a season businessman. Ask them to join your group.

9. This is where you really have to pull out all the stops by being available to research and answer their questions. This sets the stage for the next step. Remember most of these are already in some form of online business.

10. Start pitching your MLM. You could ease into and use a hands on trainer type of approach they will either want to join you or not but you have shown them that you were there for them in the past and this will go along way in their decision making.

MLM on a social network is a little involved but can pay off big time in the long run give some of this a try and see how many friends you can sell.

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