Residential Painting Vs. Commercial Painting: The Differences You Need To Know Before Your Next Painting Project

Residential Painting Vs. Commercial Painting: The Differences You Need To Know Before Your Next Painting Project

Although they are completely separate, many people assume residential and commercial painting refer to the same type of service. To such people, any form of painting is painting, regardless of what or where you intend to apply the paint. However, this is far from the truth.

There are numerous factors that make these two types of painting completely different from each other. In this article, we focus on the specific considerations you need to know to understand how the painting and decorating industry really works.

The Project Size

The skills and tools needed to paint a residential property greatly differ from those needed to paint a commercial building. Painting a commercial property is a more complex task because of the additional floor space associated with shops, office space, airports, and hospitals. Simultaneously, many commercial properties continue operating as the painting work progresses, meaning that you will have to devise creative ways of dealing with the employees, inventory, and customers visiting the premises.

The Project’s Labour Needs

Usually, you will need a larger team of painters to cover an extensive commercial property and finish the work within the required time. With large commercial painting projects, you will need a detailed plan of activities, a large number of human resources, and plenty of paint.

Consequently, commercial painting companies are known to have a high number of painting experts to enable them to complete painting projects within the projected time. On the other hand, residential painting projects are typically small and thus require a small number of painters.

The Required Equipment and Materials

Considering the difference in space between the two painting jobs, residential painters place a greater focus on smaller residential painting needs.

In this way, residential painting projects need less sophisticated equipment and supplies—similar to what you would need if you were doing the residential painting job yourself. For example, you may only require rollers, painting trays, stepladders, paintbrushes, drop cloths, and cleaning materials.

Commercial painters and decorators cannot be overlooked for the quality of work they deliver. However, a few painting companies are less concerned with the quality of their workmanship and should be avoided at all costs.

Unfortunately, many properties are designed to provide basic services, and many property owners fail to see the need to invest in costly paints to avoid exceeding budget—only a small number of hotels and restaurants can afford to do so.

The Kind of Services Offered

A company that exclusively focuses on residential interior painting projects provides a different range of services compared to commercial painting contractors.

Examples of services are such things as special surface preparation, metalising, industrial painting and coating, sandblasting, epoxy coatings, and services associated with businesses.

Other than interior and exterior painting, commercial painting services may also include the following:

-High-durability coatings

-Masonry coating

-Roof coatings

-Joint expansion sealing


-Line striping

-Concrete ceiling repair

-Brick waterproofing

-Metal door paintings

-Installation of waterproof coating

However, residential paining companies provide painting and decorating services like siding, trim, and deck staining. Residential painters are well trained to handle exterior surfaces like concrete, wood, metal, stucco, vinyl, and fiber-cement siding.

In addition, they are skilled to carry out light construction work or the removal of artex ceilings. Typically, residential painting services include such things as:

– Garage painting

-Deck and fence staining/painting

-Plaster and drywall repair

-Cabinet painting

-Wallpaper removal and hanging

-Interior and exterior painting

The Time Needed To Finish The Work

The Professional Experience Of Painter And Decorators

Due to their nature of work, commercial painters usually have more experience than residential painters, mainly because the former are used to working meticulously on a single project. Gauging by the existing demand for commercial painters, there are high chances that an individual commercial painting company has completed numerous projects, which increases their overall experience level.


Now that you know the major differences between commercial painters and residential painting projects, you will be in a better position to know what you need for your next painting project. Some building owners have the required DIY painting skills; however, it is helpful to hire a professional to ensure the work done is of great quality and brings you the highest value for your money.

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