Why You Should Consider Multiple Domain Name Extensions?

Why You Should Consider Multiple Domain Name Extensions?

Having a website is very important for businesses today. Your website’s domain name acts like its online address or identity. Most businesses just register one domain name like “mybusiness.com” for their domain hosting from reputable providers.

However, it’s smart to also register other domain name extensions beyond just .com. This article provides a basic explanation of why you should register multiple domain names.

Why Register Extra Domain Extensions?

There are several good reasons to get extra domain extensions like .net, .org, .biz, etc, in addition to .com for your main website domain.

·       Stop Competitors From Taking Domains

One big reason is to prevent competitors from registering domains similar to yours with other extensions.

For example, if your main site is mybusiness.com, a competitor could register mybusiness.net or mybusiness.biz and potentially redirect traffic away from your real site. Registering these extra extensions stops others from using domains too close to your brand name.

·       Easy To Redirect Misspellings

People often misspell or mistyped domain names when searching for websites. With extra domain name extensions, you can register common misspellings like “mybussiness.com” and automatically redirect any visitors to your proper domain.

This prevents losing traffic and ensures people always end up at your real website.

·       Expand Business Internationally 

If you want to market your business in other countries, registering extensions like .co.uk, .in, .au, etc makes sense. Search engines prioritise local country extensions when someone searches for a business in that region.

Having the .in domain gives you an edge for Indian customers versus just a .com site.

·       Reinforce Your Brand

Unless your brand is super famous, most people struggle to remember full domain names, including extensions. Owning multiple relevant extensions makes it easier for customers to find your official site regardless of what extension they enter or guess. It strengthens your brand presence online.

·       Prepare For Future Growth

Even if international expansion isn’t a priority today, securing extra extensions now can provide flexibility later. You can easily create new sites on previously registered extensions as your company grows and evolves over time rather than dealing with unavailable domains.

Drawbacks of Extra Extensions

The main downside is that purchasing numerous extra domain extensions does add up to yearly renewal costs. It’s also more to manually renew and manage each year. But for most businesses the brand protection and future growth advantages outweigh these minor drawbacks.

Affordable Domain Extensions

Domain name extensions are relatively affordable upfront, often just $10-20 USD per year for common options like .com, .net, etc.

Less popular extensions can cost more annually, while some extensions like .biz or .info may be cheaper. Country extensions like .co.uk vary in pricing as well.

How To Get Extra Extensions?

First, create a domain extension list that is appropriate for your brand, business type, and growth goals. Then, check availability through an accredited domain registrar.

It’s best to purchase from a trusted company rather than unverified sources, which sometimes illegally peddle already registered domains.


While a single .com domain may suffice for basic website needs, the question “Should I buy multiple domain extensions?” is worth considering. Registering multiple relevant domain extensions is a smart business move.

It prevents cybersquatters and strengthens your brand presence online both now and in preparation for future growth. The low annual costs make securing extra extensions an affordable way to protect your digital identity.

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