What Are The New Different Kinds Of Technology In The World

What Are The New Different Kinds Of Technology In The World

There are now a lot of new technologies and gadgets that are being invented regularly. The world is evolving very fast. If you are a tech freak then you should know all about the new kind of technology that are used in business, trade, hospitals, banks, and other important organizations. In this article, some of the new technologies that are currently being made or are already developed are discussed.

What Are The New Different Kinds Of Technology In The World

Voice assistants

You can see people now no longer using their hands actively because of voice assistance. Many of us are now using the voice assistant to instruct our phone to do a particular job. Now there are special voice assistant devices that we can install in our home and with the help of the internet can connect to the other devices and control them with the voice assistant. Newer voice assistant devices are being made on a regular basis. You can buy the voice assistance device only once and it can update the software inside it to work as a new voice assistant device. It is very convenient for us to just turn on the lights by just saying a command to the voice assistant device and also turn it off by just saying a command.


You can see that when you visit a website there is a chat box usually in the lower right of the website. What you are talking to is a bot that has a conversational AI set to communicate effectively. It is controlled by a Conversational Interface Technology Platform where the website owner can put in the series of questions that the chatbot will ask the user. It usually involves a greeting message and asks the user to submit their name and email address for someone to come back later and get back to him.

Driverless vehicles

It is now a reality and many driverless cars are already launched on the road. They can safely carry a passenger and drop them at their destination. In the future, it is a strong possibility that we won’t see any drivers and like a science fiction movie all of us could go from one place to another without driving. However, it also has a bad side as many of the people like truck drivers, taxi drivers, freelancer drivers will lose their source of income because of this new technology. However, they can learn new skills and thing about a new kind of job when this technology would be started to use in large scale.


Now many of the tasks are done automatically thanks to automation. Due to the invention of AI, it is now easier to do anything automatically. Automation is very good for trade and commerce as the business can operate at a very low cost. More and more processes are being automated in the world today. It is easier to detect fraudulent activities online and prevent websites from hacking. It has also increased the response time of many software which is very convenient for the user.

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